We are not the enemy – Part 2: Islam Inspires Hatred?

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Discussing the protective factors in Islam that keeps true believers and practising Muslims far away from hatred against the predominant perception due to years of lies and deceptions that Islam inspires hatred and violence.

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We are not the enemy – Part 2: Understanding Hate

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Discussing the most dangerous lie of our age and exploring the psychological, philosophical and religious perspectives of hate to understand why we hate and if there is any place for hatred true believers.

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We are not the enemy – Intro

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Social media is playing a key role in spreading the falsehood that used to be limited to a few circles. Hatred and anger are being fed in ever-increasing intensity – pitting people against each other based on outright lies and deceptions. For mutual understanding and awareness, this series specifically focuses on addressing the lies about […]

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Achieving Human Excellence by Abid Jan

Ultimate Success: Achieving Human Excellence

4 months ago1453 0

Everyone wants success in life. However, what is the ultimate success and how to achieve it? How youth, in particular, can start striving for it and in the process avoid all negative influences in life. Skip to other parts: Part 1. How true belief lead to achieving human excellence 1:52:20 Part 2. Ultimate success: Achieving […]

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Surviving High School - Hate Prevention

Surviving HighSchool كيف تتعايش مع التوتر والتأثيرات السلبية في المدرسة الثانوية

5 months ago3861 0

For parents and youth – particularly of the minority population, who have to deal with additional stress-inducing factors in their bid to survive their four years in high school. Understanding the root causes of high school stress and the factors that lead some youth in the wrong direction. Ways to mitigating the harm and preventing […]

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Mainstreaming Hate Prevention in Ottawa: The WHY and HOW

5 months ago1981 0

The video highlights the core issue, the collective impact framework to address the issue and describing the continuum of the issue from ignorance and intolerance all the way to violent extremism. The video explains why the social services sector needs to break out of the mindset that preventing hate crime and violent extremism is a […]

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Preventing violent extremism through Collective Impact in Ottawa

6 months ago1741 0

Abid Jan “We” first approach is the key ingredient for the success of the evolving collective Impact work for P/CVE in Ottawa. In the wake of rising extremism and hate crimes, the Chief of Ottawa Police, the Mayor’s office, Yasir Naqvi – the then MPP – and the chair of OLIP Network approached United Way […]

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Allahu Akbar: A death chant or a universal guarantee for peace?

6 months ago2181 0

Is Allaho Akbar really an Islamic death chant that whip Muslims into ecstasy? Is Allaho Akbar really a rallying cry meant to instill terror in the hearts and minds of non-Muslims? Contrary to all the myths and misunderstanding, here we explore how Allaho akbar is actually the proclamation for ultimate peace – a universal guarantee […]

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PeaceQuest in Larger Context by Abid Ullah Jan

PeaceQuest in the Broader Context ~ Abid Ullah Jan

8 months ago2852 0

Abid Ullah Jan talks about PeaceQuest in the broader context – the socio-political environment of the day; the issues even deepening issues of hate, intolerance and extremism and the role that he is playing in bridging the faith community and social services sector for a coordinated approach to address the common root causes.

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Debunking 72 virgins myth ~ Abid Ullah Jan

Debunking the myth of 72 “virgins” for suicide operations in 7 seconds

9 months ago3551 0

A 15-year-old debunks the myth that suicide terrorists receive 72 virgins in paradise in 7 seconds and 23 words. Watch his 3rd attempt. See the complete video at Is Islam really about suicide and virgins     Muslim’s Real Test ~ Abid Ullah Jan

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